Understanding Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

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Understanding Different Carpet Cleaning Methods



-There are various carpet cleaning methods to choose from with different pros and cons.
-It’s important to understand each method to select the best one for your carpet needs.

Steam Cleaning:

-Uses pressurized hot water extraction to loosen and remove dirt.
-Most effective at deep cleaning and stain removal.
-Takes 3-5 days to dry fully.
-Works well for all carpet types.

Dry Cleaning:

-Utilizes absorbent powders that attract and trap soil particles.
-Dries in hours but leaves powder residue that requires vacuuming.
-Inexpensive and good for routine maintenance.
-Not effective for deep cleaning or heavy stains.

Bonnet Cleaning:

-Involves absorbent pads attached to a rotating machine.
-Fast and affordable but only cleans carpet surface.
-Cannot remove deeply embedded soils or stains.
-Quick drying time.

Encapsulation Cleaning:

-Uses cleaning solution that forms capsules around soil particles.
-Gentle on carpet fibers but effectively removes stains.
-No需 residue so carpets can be used immediately.
-More expensive than other methods.


-Reiterating the most important differences between carpet cleaning methods.
-Recommendation for readers on which method(s) would suit their carpet cleaning needs.

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