If You Demand The Absolute ‘Best-Of-The-Best’,

Barefoot Clean Is The Only Choice For You.

Every day, Orange County Area Homeowners Choose ‘Perfect Results’ With Barefoot Clean Instead of ‘Good Enough’ With The Other Guys.

  • Here are a few reasons why:

We Use Deionized Water VS. Other Companies That Use Hose Water.

I realize you aren’t going to be drinking the water we use, but your family and pets will be lying on the carpets we clean.  That’s why I refuse to use hose or ‘tap’ water which can leave behind residue and sediments. We are the only company in Seattle using Deionized water, which leaves your carpets cleaner, softer, and plusher.  That’s a promise.

Our Pricing Is Fair VS. Other Companies That Use “Bait-And-Switch” Tactics.

Some companies will advertise a super low “$99 clean three rooms” special, only to send out a high-pressure salesperson who adds on a bunch of extras.  Quickly that $99 special costs you well over 200 bucks. It drives me crazy. We aren’t going to advertise the lowest price on the market to only to try and upsell you once we are in your home.  We will offer the highest value for your dollar, and provide you a quote – in writing – for the best carpet cleaning available in Orange County. Period.

We Provide A 30-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee In Writing – NOBODY Else Does.

Our guarantee doesn’t have a lot of fine print.  It can be summed up in one sentence. We will do the job right,  you will be happy, if there are any issues we will correct them…or you won’t pay us.  We are the ONLY carpet cleaner in Seattle to offer a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  In the rare case we need to come back to correct an issue, you won’t have to worry about us trying to sell you more services to make up for lost revenue.  We will rush out and do whatever it takes to make you happy or we will give you 100% of your money back. Guaranteed.

You Deal With Me: The ‘Obsessed-With-The-Best’ Owner

I started my company with this motto: To create the best possible way to clean carpets and to never settle for ‘good enough’.  My obsession with perfection started when I watched my father clean carpets years ago. I knew there must be a better, safer way to clean floors than the traditional methods.  So I dedicated countless hours doing research, speaking with Orange County homeowners, and invested thousands of dollars to perfect the art of cleaning carpets. The result: Barefoot  Clean is the cleanest and healthiest choice for carpet cleaning in Orange County.  And it’s not even close.

We Are Truly Green.  It’s Not Some Marketing Tactic.

Unfortunately, I have seen many companies who claim to be ‘all natural’ use harsh chemicals and detergents to clean with.  It’s a little frightening to think children and pets could be playing on dangerous chemicals left behind from chemical cleaning agents.  That’s why we only use Green Seal Certified products – without compromise. Not only will we give you the cleanest carpets possible, your floors will be healthier and safer.  I Promise.

Our Trucks Provides The Most Powerful Carpet Cleaning Tool In Orange County– PERIOD.

Other companies use carpet cleaners that aren’t much better than you find at your local grocery store.  Not us. Our truck is bigger, more powerful, heats-water-hotter, is perhaps a little overkill, and the best carpet cleaning tool in Orange County.  Without a doubt.

When it comes to comparing carpet cleaners in Orange County there isn’t any competition. Barefoot Clean is hands-down the cleanest, safest, and only ‘best’ choice for your home.  Call me today to schedule a no-pressure consultation. I will take the time to show you exactly why Barefoot Clean is different from the ‘other guys’.


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