How to Prepare Your Carpet for Professional Cleaning

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How to Prepare Your Carpet for Professional Cleaning




-The importance of proper carpet preparation for maximizing results from professional carpet cleaners.
-By following these steps, readers can ensure carpets are optimally clean,protected and ready for the cleaning process.


-Vacuum high-traffic areas multiple times to remove trapped debris.
-Use the upholstery attachment to vacuum edges,corners and under furniture.
-Rotate and vacuum both sides of area rugs.
-Agitate carpet nap with a stiff brush attachment to loosen embedded soils.

Pre-Treating Stains:

-Use a carpet spotting solution to pre-treat visible stains and heavily soiled areas.
-Apply the solution and allow to dwell on stains for 4-24 hours before cleaning.
-Blot or absorb excess moisture after pre-treating to avoid wet carpets.

Drying the Carpet:

-Use fans,dehumidifiers and air movers to start drying carpet at least 24 hours before cleaning.
-Cover air ducts and vents to avoid distributing excess moisture in the home.
-Place moisture barriers under area rugs and on susceptible baseboards.

Protecting the Area:

Cover or remove trim,shoe racks,vacuum relays and carpet bindings.
-Place plastic over electronics,light fixtures and furniture to protect from overspray.

Communicating with Cleaners:

-Fully disclose any known carpet issues,wear areas or concerns to cleaning professionals.
-Request focus on problem areas and specific stains during the cleaning process.

-Reiterating the benefits readers can expect from thorough preparation for their upcoming carpet cleaning.

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